Episode #16: Good for the ‘Hood

Michael Nagrant / 11. 30. 2018

Mike says “like” more than a valley girl in this edition of Dining Out Loud where we check out Etta, the new restaurant from Danny Grant and the Maple & Ash folks. Penny continues to correct Mike’s pronunciation. Mike goes full curmudgeon about menu fonts, large vases, and the closeness of the tables. Penny loved the pizza. Mike liked the pizza, but gives a treatise on great pizza crust. Penny declares her love for burnt food. Mike also refers to Phil Vettel in this podcast as “our good friend”, but full disclosure, Mike has only met Phil once. Mike and Penny both declare their hatred for overused food review terms like “toothsome” and “mouthfeel”.

Check out Penny’s behind-the-scenes dining notes.

Etta is located at 1840 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL

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